Nieve Maya,(French edition)

Lucie Dufresne writer, novelist, adventurer

Vlb Éditeur, Montréal, 2010 (Novel)

Resume: Anthropology student Anik Thibault received a bursary to work on her master’s thesis. She set off to do her fieldwork at Coba, in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, in the heartland of the mysterious Mayan lands. Her thesis advisor, a member of World Transparency, asked her to make contact with an unknown cybernaut who sends her documents on embezzlement in the state government. As the proud heir to an adventurous father, Anik is convinced that she would succeed in both her missions : her thesis and the contact with the anonymous informer. She travelled back in time and discovered vestiges of an ancient maya city where there now lived a community of indigenous peasants struggling with poverty. She met people from various levels of Mexican society but linked up in particular with a handsome press officer working for the state governor. The very active Hadrian took her across Central America : Panama, Honduras, Belize.

Between her life within the Mayan community and her travels with Hadrian, Anik would experience the convulsions of a society going through profound change, resulting from rapid development of the tourism industry on the coast and the growth of international drug trafficking. The anonymous informer would profide her with the keys to understanding the other side of the post card.

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Neige Maya,(The Mayan Snow)

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