L'homme Ouragan, (Quetzalcoatl, el hombre huracan)

Lucie Dufresne writer, novelist, adventurer

Vlb Éditeur, Montréal, 2003, (Novel)

Resume : Shortly before the year 1000, Vikings who were settled in Greenland explored an unknown shoreline on the other side of the icy sea, further west. As they followed the coast southward, they discovered territories rich in wood, furs, fish and various plants. They dreamed to settling in this paradise, but tensions arose with the poor devils already living there.. In Groenland, the scaldic poems related these enchanting journeys, maintaining northern inhabitants in suspense. Everybody was hoping to embark on this voyage. The sailors kept their itineraries secret, these being the routes that would lead to far-away islands where there was no wild game but plenty of fishes and birds. One of the illegitimate sons of Erik the Red, the colony’s leader and fearsome pirate, also wished to set out. But Ari, the son in question, had to remain behind as an apprentice to his mother, a famous healer. By means of stealth, however, he managed to get on board. Under the command of a bold captain, the boat headed south.

An autumn storm suddenly arose between these islands without games. The boat was irremediably carried west by high winds. Only Ari and a Christian slave escaped drowning. They discovered a new world where unimaginable civilizations were developing. In the eyes of this unanticipated continent’s inhabitants, Ari appeared to be just as unusual a being. Tall, fair-haired, with a beard, an expert in the art of war, an authority on plants and on the gods who lived in the skies and mountains, Ari would leave an enduring impression among these people, who ended up integrating him in their society, naming him king and later making him a god. The myth of Quetzalcoatl has deep roots in the meanders of history, hard to prove or refute among sagas, codices and tales of the Spanish conquest in America.

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