Chichen mère des jaguars

Lucie Dufresne writer, novelist, adventurer

Québec Amérique, Montréal, 2017 (historical novel)
(available for now only in french)

Resume: Third historical novel, Chichen mère des jaguars, describes the situation at Chichen Itza during the 10th century, when the city was growing and evolving into a hegemonic kingdom, not because of the Mayas, and even maybe against their will. The potent merchants from the coast of Tabasco, called Putuns or Itzas, imposed themselves and took control of the region and its commercial routes that went from central Mexico to Honduras. Among other things, they traded salt, alabaster, jade, slaves, honey and cotton on a large scale. The heroin, caught with a terrible husband, one of those merchants, has to endure hard times in order to survive and protect her family that many wants to utilize for their own political goals.

The jaguars, her little cubs… were they sent as an omen that her people are waiting for? Everyone dreams that by just being there, they announce the possible victory of Chichen over the neighboring kingdoms and the end of the severe drought that undermine the whole country. The gift offered by Ixchéel, light of night and goddess of fertility, is a double edge knife.

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