L'astronome Maya,(El escriba del imperio maya)

Lucie Dufresne writer, novelist, adventurer

Grijalbo, Random House Mondadori, México, 2012

Resume: On December 25th, 768, a new king was crowned in Mutal, one of the biggest kingdoms in the Maya world. Yax Nuun Ayin dreamed of building magnificent monuments, like those erected by his father, his grand-father and the 26 previous monarchs of the Mutal dynasty. However, Mutal, like many other cities, was going through hard times. Wars were raging, the climate was changing and the soil was becoming impoverished. In order to strengthen alliances, Yax Nuun Ayin sent his ambassador to neighbouring states along the Usumacinta River.

Maax, studying to be a scribe, had to leave school after his father ordered him to travel with the ambassador as his assistant. Along the way, Maax would be confronted with the darker side of human nature. He would discover new cities and recognize the fragility of peace. In the midst of many difficulties, he would meet a generous young woman, Chacte, an apprentice cook. The remembrance of his grand-mother would also bring him comfort and hope. Maax lived at a time when dynasties were beginning to crumble, a fact that most of the elites refused to see. Only a few clear-sighted people were able to recognize the beginning of the Maya decline.

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